Functional Mobility Program

Get ready for your body to move freely with Functional Mobility.

Mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion which is why Functional Mobility goes hand in hand with heavy lifts, particularly Olympic lifts.

This program can be completed as a standalone program, or to complement your current training program.


As a qualified nutritionist, Cass Olholm understands the power of nutrition and the role it plays in helping the people she trains to achieve their strength and fitness goals.

Keep an eye on the TWC app for the addition of science-based nutrition, including weekly meal plans and a recipe library to help take your performance to the next level.


At TWC we know that there is strength in numbers!

We will be releasing exclusive Challenge programs throughout the year to help you push yourself to new limits, mix up your training and stay accountable alongside the TWC community!


All of our programs have been developed by Cass Olholm and are authentic to her own style of training. Programmed with progression in mind, all TWC programs will challenge your body and mind and help take your strength and fitness to the next level! We offer a range of programs that incorporate different fitness disciplines so you can train the way you love and tailor your training to achieve your performance goals.